Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chicago or Once in a Lifetime Trips


Author: Elizabeth McNulty

Since it first grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago blossomed into a vibrant, progressive city with a landscape unlike any other. See how much the Midwest's cultural center has changed -- and how much it's stayed the same in Chicago Then & Now. Unstoppably prosperous in the mid-1800's, Chicago was laid to waste by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The remarkable period following the fire gave rise to some of the world's greatest architects and engineers -- in fact, Chicago was rebuilt within two years and was soon known as the "world capital of modern architecture."

Birthplace of the Soaring Chicago School and Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School of architecture, Chicago is a treasure trove of amazing buildings.

Explore some of Chicago's best-loved landmarks like Wrigley Field, Washington Park, Sears Tower, John Hancock Building, and St. Patrick's, the city's oldest church and survivor of the Great Fire, with intriguing archival images paired alongside modern photos.

Whether you're just blowing through the Windy City, or happen to be a lucky resident of the area, you'll find lots of satisfying material in this convenient, take-along edition.


This volume pairs archival b&w photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries with color views of the diverse and dynamic city of today. The images tell how following the Great Chicago Fire on October 8, 1871, Chicagoans went to work, rebuilding the entire city within two years, and hosting the World's Columbian Exposition within the next 12. They show the result of the work of the nation's foremost architects who were on the ground floor of skyscraper technology (so to speak) and designed three of the tallest buildings in the world today. Oversize: 11.5x10<">. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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Once in a Lifetime Trips: The World's 50 Most Extraordinary and Memorable Travel Experiences

Author: Chris Santella

Fly-fish in the virgin waters of the Chilean fjords, arriving by helicopter; navigate Alaska on a boat as luxurious as a four-star hotel but small enough to sail where the big cruise ships can’t; embark on a private-jet tour to the great opera houses in Europe with behind-the-scenes passes: experience the classic links of the British Open. Once in a Lifetime Trips is a trove of ideas for travels that are unique, decadent, and off the beaten path.

Each trip is captured through stunning photography and an essay based on in-depth interviews with experts who have firsthand knowledge of the destination and itinerary. Once in a Lifetime Trips goes way beyond what a standard guide offers: these trips are intended to be distinctive events that you will remember for the rest of your life. Chris Santella distills each experience and describes just what makes it extraordinary–whether it’s the culture of the place, a venue’s incredible isolation, or the unique amenities available to the traveler. Organized by destination–on the ocean, on an island, in the jungle, in the mountains and the desert, in the country, in the city, in the sky–Once in a Lifetime Trips is as much a vicarious and thrilling reading experience as it is a source of ideas and inspiration for anyone in search of a remarkable journey.

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